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Service Levels

Updated August 15, 2014
Service Class Max.
Chrome 128 kbps 128 kbps $19.95
Bronze 256 kbps 256 kbps $29.95
Silver 512 kbps 512 kbps $34.95
Gold 1.0 Mbps 1.0 Mbps $39.95
Platinum 1.5 Mbps 1.5 Mbps $54.95
Ruby 3.0 Mbps 3.0 Mbps $79.95
Sapphire 5.0 Mbps 5.0 Mbps $99.95
Benitoite 10.0 Mbps 10.0 Mbps $159.95
  • Above prices are your total cost. There are no other fees, dues, surcharges, taxes, etc.
  • All plans may not be available in all areas of San Benito County.
  • We are proud of our men and women of the US military and offer a 10% discount to active military and veterans for residential service. (Just provide a copy of your DD214, DD220 or equivalent.)
  • We have a child with Autism and know how important the internet is to many children on the Autism scale. In honor of our son, we have a special for these terrific kids and their families, "Tyler's Special" is a 10% discount to families with children that have Autism on residential service. (Documentation is required from a Medical Doctor.)

Each connection comes with up to five email boxes. If you need more however, just let us know.

Reliable - We have designed this system from the very beginning to be a bulletproof, always-on high-speed network. We use redundant links to improve fault tolerance so that if something fails, your connection isn't interrupted. Our network is multi-homed. We use multiple up-stream providers so everything isn't dependent on one carrier.

Symmetrical Connections - The upload speed and the download speed is the same. Most so-called high-speed Internet connections are asymmetrical. They download at a high speed but upload at a slow speed. That way, they can advertise a 1 Mbps connection when, in reality, you get 1 Mbps download and 128 kbps upload. It costs much less to provide asymmetrical connections. If you do any interactive things on the Internet (like telecommuting, VoIP, real-time stock trading or serious gaming), you don't want a slow upload speed.

Quality Of Service (QOS) - The network that we have behind our wireless connection is designed with VoIP in mind. VoIP (Voice over IP) is a fairly demanding application. Our network is provisioned end- to-end with the networking protocols and bandwidth necessary to provide clear, reliable, low-latency telephone conversations over the Internet.

Support - We have been providing Internet services in San Benito County since February 2000. We answer the phone with a live person from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. seven days a week.

Cost - We have worked hard at keeping our costs down so that we are able to provide high quality service at a very competitive price.

Standard Installation - $249 Provides a complete installation in most cases.